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In the near future, superpowers have become a commonplace in society. Nia is one such individual. She is enrolled in the Kipawa Institute, an institute that educates and trains this new generation of superpowered children. However when her best friend vanishes, Nia sets out to uncover the dark truth behind the Kipawa Institute.

Kipawa is set in a future where powered individuals live freely
within the society. In response to the emergence of the aptly
named “Peculiars” the government works with other institutions to seek out these individuals.
Nia is one of these special individuals. She is recruited by the Kipawa Institute; a research and training facility for Peculiars in Kenya.
It is here that she is reunited with her childhood friend, Neema. Their reunion is however short lived, as Neema
vanishes from the institute without a trace.
Nia thus sets off in search of her friend, uncovering a conspiracy within the Kipawa Institute; someone is abducting
powerful peculiars. It’s up to Nia and the new friends she makes to uncover the truth and quite possibly save the world.

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2D Animation, Series


22 Min X 13 Episodes


In Development


Swahili, Sheng, English

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