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Nini a precocious, funny, and curious 8 year old girl with a vivid imagination that turn the mundane African countryside into a world filled with adventure.

Gathoni known to every one as Nini has an insatiable curiosity about the world around her. Living in the African countryside, and chores of course can be boring. So using her rich imagination she goes on adventures that makes life magical and fills her appetite to learn more. She’s often joined in her imaginary world by Rama, a 7 year city kid who visits his grandparents in the rural areas quite often. The only adult who gets Nini’s rich inner life and encourages it is Rama’s grandmother, Shosh. But, there always has to be a stick in the mud. Bonge, the local neighborhood bully and the son of Nini’s new school principal.

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2D Animation, Series


7 Min X 56 Episodes


In Development


Swahili, Sheng, English

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